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Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it's about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves. -Elvis Duran
I have no deep desire to hit the pavement and audition for TV projects or raise money to produce a show. -Elvis Duran
Radio isn't just a jukebox for music anymore because you can get music anywhere. -Elvis Duran
The magic to our show and, I think, any successful show, be it on the radio or TV, is every person being true to themselves. -Elvis Duran
I have no desire to spend my off-hours listening to other shows. Unless it's Howard Stern, of course. -Elvis Duran
At 14, I began working in radio. I ran the board at a little radio station in Dallas. -Elvis Duran
Crank-calling people is the oldest bit in the world. -Elvis Duran
Here at Z100, we're kind of famous for breaking new artists and watching their careers bloom. -Elvis Duran
I love Justin Bieber. There are times where people only report negative things about him, but everyone forgets how incredibly talented he really is. -Elvis Duran
I just always assume no one is listening. -Elvis Duran
Sometimes fame overshadows an artist's music, and we forget just how incredibly talented these people truly are. -Elvis Duran
I miss being able to pig out sometimes. -Elvis Duran
If I played golf, I'd be on the golf course every day, but I just can't wear those dumb pants. -Elvis Duran
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