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I appreciate humor so much, but I'm actually not a funny girl. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I can celebrate food anytime. I love cheese. When I crave a certain food, I just eat it. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
For the record: I wear makeup. All. The. Time. But I do it in a way that looks natural. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I generally circuit train and do Pilates. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
That's really empowering - people recognize that I care about other things. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
My career has been successful, but it's been a grind of hard work. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I feel like I want to be known first and foremost for my work. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I'm actually very sensitive to energies, and when people are not aligned, I can feel that. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
Is it easy to avoid paparazzi? It is, it really is. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I always describe my career as something where nothing ever popped overnight. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I don't know why, but in my career and in my life, I often find myself in situations where I am the only girl among boys. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I think the dream role is getting the opportunity to really sink my teeth into something and transform in the role. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I've always dreamed of doing a period piece, I just never knew what it would be. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
When you're starting out, every line in a show or a commercial is like a huge success. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I have a theory that most people in Hollywood are from Texas. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
The girl next door isn't necessarily blonde and blue-eyed anymore. So I don't feel like I need to morph into that all-American thing. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
When you have confidence, that's what becomes attractive to other people and makes them want to work with you and spend time with you. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
Never reveal your insecurities to a man, because nine times out of 10 they have no idea they even exist. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I love European films in general. If I were to go to the movie store or something, that's what I like to see. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
Acting is not glamorous. It's not. Anybody who wants to get into acting for the glamour is in for a hard time. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I tell the most horrible jokes. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I love doing voice-over. It's so fun. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I'm this little Canadian Jewish girl, and I'm living my dream. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I love what I do, but I never want to OD on celebrity. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
I have to be honest, I am a true jeans and t-shirt girl. -Emmanuelle Chriqui
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