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When we bless one another we shouldn't expect returned favours because blessings have no strings attached and they hold no sorrow. -Euginia Herlihy
God doesn't change his word, if He has promised you something;you better believe that is done before it's existence. -Euginia Herlihy
You don't have to be ashamed feel down, to have a good cry; we are human after all and it's the part of humanity. -Euginia Herlihy
Death an absolute mystery. No one knows the day and the time, no one knows where and how. Death is an absolute mystery. -Euginia Herlihy
God promised you to give you dreams and visions, see Him as your great dream/vision giver. -Euginia Herlihy
Create a massive drawing of what God has promised you. -Euginia Herlihy
Your mind couldn't rest like the other little boys. You looked around and you saw the blanket of fear covered the whole country. -Euginia Herlihy
Your thoughts were deeper than your mind, your little eyes pierced through the heart of your nation. -Euginia Herlihy
The beauty of words that heals my soul. -Euginia Herlihy
Undeniable obsession of words that quickens my spirit. -Euginia Herlihy
You've slipped away like a fistful of sand. You've vanished so quickly like a wind. Do you know how I long to hold you love of my life. -Euginia Herlihy
When I feel lonely you are here beside me with your loving and caring touch. -Euginia Herlihy
Everything I do you are here to give me an assurance that I will succeed. What an awesome Father you are. -Euginia Herlihy
In times of need I call unto you Abba Father and you answer. -Euginia Herlihy
Death stings so harshly, no escape and hiding zone from it. -Euginia Herlihy
The gift of words, the source of enjoyment, the source of delight that comes within and the unfading beauty and energy of words. -Euginia Herlihy
Rivers, water streams, water falls, water lakes, seas and oceans confirm Your creativity. -Euginia Herlihy
The amazing feeling that triggers the fountain of words that flow in my belly. -Euginia Herlihy
The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy our hero Steve Biko. He was chosen by God and no one can deny that. -Euginia Herlihy
Animals, birds, and fish confirm Your power and Your existence. -Euginia Herlihy
The rainbow across the sky after a storm confirms Your kindness and Your forgiving heart. -Euginia Herlihy
Rising and falling of the sun confirm Your kingship and Your rulership. -Euginia Herlihy
Mountains, hills and valleys confirm the beauty of Your holiness. -Euginia Herlihy
This separation happened for a reason, this esason is for our own good; God is just positioning us. -Euginia Herlihy
The enemy came to steel, destroy and kill our leader, our hero Steve Biko. He was chosen by God and no one can deny that. -Euginia Herlihy
A great leader listens to other people's suggestions and opinions but a dogmatic leader dismisses them and sticks to his/her own decision. -Euginia Herlihy
A trusted friendship is a free zone where you can off load any burden without panicking. -Euginia Herlihy
True friends don't say mean things to each other, they respect one another. -Euginia Herlihy
Friendship is powerful, unique and always a comfortable thing to have. -Euginia Herlihy
Friends have disagreements sometimes but they don't dwell on the disagreement, they always find a way to dismantle the tension and move on. -Euginia Herlihy
True friends are very transparent to each other, they don't have hidden agenda and they are not envious of each other's achievements. -Euginia Herlihy
Friendship is the greatest element in human life. -Euginia Herlihy
True friendship is when you are able to build walls of protection around your friends by dismissing every back biting towards them. -Euginia Herlihy
What ever you do try to solve out any differences in your relationship/marriage because marriages are for keeps and God hates divorce anyway. -Euginia Herlihy
Voicing out your concerns in a calmly way is a great thing to do and it helps and saves lives of those who can't speak up. -Euginia Herlihy
Dreamers and thinkers believe in innovative ideas and they become the greatest students of all time. -Euginia Herlihy
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