Ferdinand Mount Quotes

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We are also further than ever from equality of opportunity. -Ferdinand Mount
One of the unsung freedoms that go with a free press is the freedom not to read it. -Ferdinand Mount
America slept because most Americans preferred it that way. -Ferdinand Mount
We want a system that will improve consistency and steadiness in the quality of government. -Ferdinand Mount
A majority in all parties do, I think, want to see local government recover its old vigour and independence. -Ferdinand Mount
I think it's a pity that in many people's minds constitutional reform and PR have come to mean much the same thing. -Ferdinand Mount
In real terms, there is a greater disparity of earnings between the very rich and the very poor. -Ferdinand Mount
No constitution is or can be perfectly symmetrical, what it can and must be is generally accepted as both fair and usable. -Ferdinand Mount
We criticize, copy, patronize, idolize and insult but we never doubt that the U.S. has a unique position in the history of human hopes. -Ferdinand Mount
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