Five Finger Death Punch Quotes

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I apologize for the cruel things that I did but I don't regret one single word I said. -Five Finger Death Punch
I can't believe in something that doesn't believe in me! -Salvation -Five Finger Death Punch
In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete Drawn only to be washed away For the time that I've been given I am what I am -Five Finger Death Punch
The deeper you get, the farther you fall down<br />The closer I get, the more you dissolve -Five Finger Death Punch
You're lost inside your pale addictions<br />Bury you with the demons in the ash -Five Finger Death Punch
Can't heal you, don't want to<br />'Cause you can't save your fuckin' self<br />Can't heal you, don't need to<br />'Cause you won't save yourself -Five Finger Death Punch
Blessed be the disillusioned<br />The banished misfits and the cursed hollow son -Five Finger Death Punch
Can't heal you, I don't want to<br />'Cause you can't save yourself<br />Can't help you, don't need to<br />'Cause you won't save yourself -Five Finger Death Punch
We're taught to perish but fade away<br />Become the haunted and then die as slaves -Five Finger Death Punch
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