G.s. Jennsen Quotes

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After all, 'I've been thinking' meant she had previously identified the parameters and analyzed all the branching considerations. -G.S. Jennsen
It was a subversive notion, the idea that she was free. Free to choose where to go and what to do with her time. -G.S. Jennsen
You're insane.' 'It'll work.' 'Which does not alter the fact that you are insane. -G.S. Jennsen
If humanity is annihilated because we were too busy squabbling with one another to manage a proper stand, we probably deserve the annihilation. -G.S. Jennsen
Good luck with the aliens, and if we survive this feel free to look me up on your next vacation.' 'Good luck with the aliens? You are such a prick. -G.S. Jennsen
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