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Tennis has had a very positive impact on my life. -Gabriela Sabatini
It's amazing, it doesn't feel like it has been 10 years since retirement. -Gabriela Sabatini
I carried through well with my tennis. I got the respect by usage of the tennis racket. -Gabriela Sabatini
I travel a lot to promote the perfumes and to do the commercials. -Gabriela Sabatini
I can't laugh, be happy, present myself at any prize and also win on the centre court. -Gabriela Sabatini
I loved to play, I was competitive, I wanted to win, that was all I knew. In the first few years tennis is a game. Later, it becomes a job, -Gabriela Sabatini
Perfect harmony of body and mind are my key to personal balance and happiness. -Gabriela Sabatini
When I lose a match, I know that I lose on the court and not in life. -Gabriela Sabatini
What I'm doing, with my image, I have my perfumes. I've had that for almost 20 years, and I have like 14, 15 different perfumes now. -Gabriela Sabatini
I was a very shy and introverted person, and it was hard for me to talk to people and make relationships. -Gabriela Sabatini
I'm following the players, and it's great. We've never had so many Top 10 big players like now. There's so many out there that are very close. -Gabriela Sabatini
For me retiring wasn't hard once I knew that that was the decision I was going to make. -Gabriela Sabatini
I lost more then 6 kilograms when I ceased with the top sport. That were all muscles. They are now gone. -Gabriela Sabatini
It came so soon and so fast. It's just overwhelming. Every time I think about it, I just can't believe it. -Gabriela Sabatini
I was feeling a lot of confidence, so I wanted to take advantage of that and keep playing. -Gabriela Sabatini
In Argentina at various tournaments, it's great. Every day it's full, everybody's crazy about tennis, everybody wants to play tennis. -Gabriela Sabatini
tennis is a 100-mph chess match. -Gabriela Sabatini
I never thought tennis was going to give me so much satisfaction. -Gabriela Sabatini
It was so easy to play tennis, so easy. -Gabriela Sabatini
I think in the lifetime of a tennis player there are many times where you feel that tremendous confidence. -Gabriela Sabatini
When I finally held the trophy, it was just how I imagined it would be. -Gabriela Sabatini
Now I have the bravery to do fine things. -Gabriela Sabatini
I'm having a good time. Managing my things takes a lot of time. -Gabriela Sabatini
I felt nobody would understand what was going on in my mind. -Gabriela Sabatini
I didn't know what was going through my mind. -Gabriela Sabatini
I have an office in Argentina, I go there every day, so I work. -Gabriela Sabatini
I served, she came to the net, it was a passing shot. -Gabriela Sabatini
I want children, but at the moment the liberty I have now finally, has a far too high value. -Gabriela Sabatini
I want not, that everybody hears about. Then I can't longer be myself. -Gabriela Sabatini
I was formerly so stuck into plans. I can now live more spontaneously. This I want not yet to give away. -Gabriela Sabatini
I work out in a studio. Every day, regardless where I am, at least two hours. I need it. I can't cease it. -Gabriela Sabatini
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