Gail Carriger Quotes

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Poetry can cause irreparable harm when misapplied -Gail Carriger
I may be a werewolf and Scottish, but despite what you may have read about both, we are not cads! -Gail Carriger
Madame Lefoux shrugged.
The important question is, what will your wear for a wedding dress, Alexia? You look horrible in white. -Gail Carriger
Having delivered the expected daily miracle, Floote stood in his usual stance and warily watched the Templars work. -Gail Carriger
Lyall's face went deadpan as he relayed the details, as those who are tortured or raped will become when they retell the pattern of abuse -Gail Carriger
His eyes are peculiar. There is nothing in them, like an eclair without the cream filling. It's wrong, lack of cream. -Gail Carriger
Here, I stole it for you. Why don't you tell me what it's for.' 'Aw, Sophronia, how thoughtful. You brought me a present! -Gail Carriger
Great, Alexia thought, I have gone from soul sucker to electrical ground. The epithets just get sweeter and sweeter. -Gail Carriger
But I don't want to be a vampire drone.' Sophronia winced. 'They'll suck my blood and make me wear only the very latest fashions. -Gail Carriger
History wasn't precisely revered for its accuracy at the best of times. -Gail Carriger
That's a very murky position,
I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone. -Gail Carriger
And I find perfect beauty excessively boring, don't you? -Gail Carriger
How ghastly for her, people actually thinking, with their brains, and right next door. Oh, the travesty of it all. -Gail Carriger
The ill-informed masses included her own family among their ranks, a family that specialized in being both inconvenient and asinine. -Gail Carriger
Where were the scientific pamphlets that taught a woman how to listen to herself die? -Gail Carriger
you have been fraternizing with warewolves overmuch! Military men can be terribly bad for one's verbal concatenation! -Gail Carriger
Oh, Major, you do so love to annoy, don't you?
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