Gary Weiss Quotes

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For him, his whole life has been wrestling, coaching and teaching, and now he can go back to that. -Gary Weiss
The flip side of humiliation is pride. -Gary Weiss
Excessive hype, bankruptcy, cash burning like autumn leaves - such is the stuff of short-selling. -Gary Weiss
With such enormous bucks devoted to trading in oil and other commodities, the distortions that they cause have been exacerbated. -Gary Weiss
Beefs against debt collectors are consistently among the top complaints received by both the FTC and state attorneys general. -Gary Weiss
People are told their rights when they're arrested. Consumers getting collection letters are entitled to the same courtesy. -Gary Weiss
Newt Gingrich is a boastful kind of guy. But when it comes to Wall Street, the former House speaker is surprisingly modest. -Gary Weiss
I'm not an ultra-libertarian who thinks there shouldn't be insider-trading laws at all. -Gary Weiss
One problem with the focus on speculation is that it tends to promote the growth of the great intellectual cancer of our times: conspiracy theories. -Gary Weiss
I'm rooting for Saudi Arabia getting a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council. -Gary Weiss
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