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We're all just trying to fit in and find ourselves, particularly when we're growing up. -Geri Halliwell
Everyone has a mad half-hour once a month. -Geri Halliwell
It's important to learn to laugh at ourselves, don't take life too seriously. -Geri Halliwell
I won't mention the word tired. This is the 20th century and I can go around a little faster. -Geri Halliwell
A lot of people have said that I've got a voice that speaks to children. I think I've got a natural naivety to me. I'm childish. -Geri Halliwell
I've got an image of me at the bottom of my garden sitting under my silver birch tree reading, while everyone else had gone somewhere exotic. -Geri Halliwell
Becoming a solo singer is like going from an eau de toilette to a perfume. It's much more intense. -Geri Halliwell
We are obsessed with image. I don't think we should take it that seriously. -Geri Halliwell
I think I've really learned how important it is to empower women. -Geri Halliwell
For me feminism is bra-burning lesbianism. It's very unglamorous. -Geri Halliwell
I know that I've overfed myself trying to prop myself up because I'm exhausted. -Geri Halliwell
I have the most ridiculous TV crush on Michael McIntyre. I fell in love watching him on 'Britain's Got Talent'. -Geri Halliwell
Competition is for dogs and horses. -Geri Halliwell
I have days of self-doubt, but I think the kindest thing I can do to myself is accept where my body is at. -Geri Halliwell
I'm much more accepting of myself. A lot of my body issues have naturally settled down. -Geri Halliwell
I love being on the beach - it's my favourite place. I can chill out, read, listen to music, play with my daughter. -Geri Halliwell
I have never sung a whole song on my own before and I am not the best dancer in the world, but I would rather try and fall than not not try at all. -Geri Halliwell
'Spice Girls' is about unifying the world - every age, every gender, everyone. It's woman power, it's an essence, a tribe. -Geri Halliwell
Id never choose to turn the clock back. -Geri Halliwell
I am absolutely blessed and I'm very grateful for where I am today. -Geri Halliwell
I just feel that the only power I have is setting a good example. -Geri Halliwell
Being mean about other people isn't on my radar. -Geri Halliwell
I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm damn well gonna do it! -Geri Halliwell
I think it's unnecessary to be mean for the sake of being mean, but I do believe you have to be truthful, but with love. -Geri Halliwell
I'd never choose to turn the clock back. -Geri Halliwell
Perfectionism kills art. I find that if I criticise myself, it spoils the fun. You can get paralysed by analysis - it takes all the playfulness away. -Geri Halliwell
I was so afraid of upsetting people, and not being liked for saying something that was not to everyone's taste. -Geri Halliwell
If people choose to engage on a one-dimensional level that's fine. But going beyond the surface can enrich ourselves as human beings. -Geri Halliwell
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