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God is but a supernatural spirit. He resides dormant in you, until you awaken to liberate yourself from this ignorance that you are body and mind. -Gian Kumar
Self is found in knowledge, devotion and concentration, in integrity, purity, moderation, self-control and intelligence. -Gian Kumar
Question who is the doer. Is it the mind or the Self? -Gian Kumar
Food is everything. It provides energy and strength to the elemental self; With knowing self; evolving side by side. -Gian Kumar
When man manages his intellect and steadies his mind, He discovers the all-pervading Self. -Gian Kumar
Money serves those who can match it the right way. So it is for us to decide and understand the meaning of Live Rich or Die Rich -Gian Kumar
I' gives birth to mind; Mind gives birth to ego, Ego gives birth to sense of separation, From where originates suffering and sorrow. -Gian Kumar
Reflect within yourself for that reflection is far better than when what you see in the mirror. -Gian Kumar
Universal or quantum consciousness emphasizes that we are all interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. -Gian Kumar
You are what you desire. You may live with desires and determine all that you want; But your actions determine what and how much you receive. -Gian Kumar
In the conscious- intellect awakens In the subconscious- awareness dissolves. In the unconscious- spirit awakens. -Gian Kumar
In witnessing yourself lies the whole mystery of life. -Gian Kumar
Do not surrender to any master; that would be slavery. Surrender to yourself, for that would be victory. -Gian Kumar
Acceptability is that secret, which brings in surrender, Which brings in totality, which brings in love, From where arises our Oneness. -Gian Kumar
Awareness is above intellect. Intellect is above speech. Speech is above knowledge. For knowledge in itself is just a name. -Gian Kumar
A successful man never allows his faulty of discrimination and judgement to be distributed by the rising tides of his emotions. -Gian Kumar
Positive or negative- use your mind to respect; Surrender and accept both as one. -Gian Kumar
All desires originate to seek betterment unconsciously. In awareness, the same desires dissolve into realization. -Gian Kumar
Awakening is to become aware of your awareness. Be in the awareness of your presence, rather than being in the now. -Gian Kumar
Enlightenment, awakening or liberation can never be attained by seeking or desiring. It is realized only through experience. -Gian Kumar
Science in its attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, Has discovered the ultimate reality that we are all One. -Gian Kumar
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