Gregory Maguire Quotes

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No one is exempt from grief. -Gregory Maguire
That was such a wonderful time, even in its strangeness and sadness-and life isn't the same now. It's wonderful, but it isn't the same. -Gregory Maguire
To read, even in the half-dark, is also to call the lost forward. -Gregory Maguire
There may be no city in the clouds, but dreaming of it can enliven the spirit. -Gregory Maguire
I may not be sure if monsters exist, but I'd rather live my life in doubt than be persuaded by a real experience of one. -Gregory Maguire
I may not know how to fly but I know how to read, and that's almost the same thing. -Gregory Maguire
It's the work that's important, not the individual who does it. -Gregory Maguire
The body apologizes to the soul for its errors, and the soul asks forgiveness for squatting in the body without invitation. -Gregory Maguire
I shall pray for your soul,' promised Nessarose. I shall wait for your shoes,' Elphie answered. -Gregory Maguire
The devil is a very big angel, but a very little man. -Gregory Maguire
Isn't that funny, that deity is passe but the attributes and implications of deity linger- -Gregory Maguire
So let my hands and my face make their way in this world, let my hungry eyes see, my tongue taste. -Gregory Maguire
Waking up was a daily cruelty, an affront, and she avoided it by not sleeping. -Gregory Maguire
Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life. -Gregory Maguire
Her head had turned quickly away... Not to hide her tears but to soften the fact of their absence. -Gregory Maguire
This is what fun is like,
Of course. You get everything from books. -Gregory Maguire
We only have babies when we're young enough not to know how grim life turns out. -Gregory Maguire
The future reshapes the memory of the past in the way it recalibrates significance: some episodes are advanced, others lose purchase. -Gregory Maguire
What will I do if I find myself with a heart?
The sun is the biggest metaphor. The sun is the first candle. She can get there by its light. -Gregory Maguire
If magic was present, it moved under the skin of the world, beneath the ability of human eyes to catch sight of it. -Gregory Maguire
At its most elemental, a spell is no more than a recipe for change. -Gregory Maguire
Oh, everything is gorgeous once it's gone. -Gregory Maguire
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