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The grasping mind holds on to everything - beliefs, people, possessions - so that it seems as though there is hardly any room to breathe. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
It is through the filter of our ego that we give meaning to everything we see, touch, hear, taste and feel. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
We all have this restful mind, but sometimes our fears and our ego mind get the better of us and we can't see it. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
Habits of the mind also provide our mental framework - the way we see the world -Gyalwa Dokhampa
We can become fearless as we let go off our grasp on the fear of failure, because failure too is a perception rather than a reality. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
Having a roof over your head with enough food to eat is a fundamental need of all humans if they are to achieve happiness. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
We are nourished by our relationships and generosity in return to our kindness and compassion for others. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
Think about the suffering we cause ourselves internally through getting angry or jealous. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
The Appreciation Meditation is the first step towards allowing and encouraging your inner nature to come to the surface of your mind. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
Happiness is a beautiful feeling. It is a beautiful mind, and a peaceful mind -Gyalwa Dokhampa
Your inner nature is your kind nature, when you give unconditionally, when you are inspired or feel truly motivated and full of vitality -Gyalwa Dokhampa
Ironically, we often spend a great deal of time and effort trying to control our external conditions, while letting our internal reactions run wild. -Gyalwa Dokhampa
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