Harold E. Varmus Quotes

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Tobacco, UV rays, viruses, heredity, and age are the main causes of cancer. -Harold E. Varmus
There are three great themes in science in the twentieth century : the atom, the computer, and the gene. -Harold E. Varmus
I keep encouraging the pharmaceutical companies to put more money into R&D. -Harold E. Varmus
I had learned that science is a rewarding, active process of discovery, not the passive absorption of what others had discovered. -Harold E. Varmus
When I was the NIH director, I often expressed envy of institute directors: they had the money and ran the scientific programmes. -Harold E. Varmus
My ideal summer day was reading on the porch. -Harold E. Varmus
Some growths can be detected early, making for increased accuracy in diagnosis. Some can be cured and others controlled. -Harold E. Varmus
Science can improve lives in ways that are elegant in design and moving in practice. -Harold E. Varmus
I'm used to being surrounded by really smart 22-year-old students who have no problem saying that something I suggested is not a very good idea. -Harold E. Varmus
Our biggest single theme is trying to make the NIH work better with the same amount of money. -Harold E. Varmus
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