Hedi Slimane Quotes

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[It's] not one thing this year, one thing another year. -Hedi Slimane
I'm going to design again, but I come back when it's the right project, so I keep my passion for it intact. -Hedi Slimane
I shared this idea that fashion starts with a movement, an allure: elusive, defined through perfect proportions. -Hedi Slimane
David Bowie, for me, was the butchest guy in town. Jagger was like a truck driver. -Hedi Slimane
In the future, fast-fashion retailers might change their philosophy toward real efforts to create a world of their own. One can only hope. -Hedi Slimane
Men's fashion has a certain heaviness in the fabrics and construction. But also there is a heaviness in the mentality. -Hedi Slimane
I like it to stay very organic, and to remember a personal story behind all my subjects. -Hedi Slimane
Together with the rise of the internet, September 11 and its aftermath has changed most of our lives. -Hedi Slimane
Men are not supposed to be mysterious. That's what you say about women. But I think men can have a little of it, too. -Hedi Slimane
The iPad needs to catch up with Flash before I put a hand on it. -Hedi Slimane
I'd like men to think about evolving into something more sophisticated, more seductive. To explore the possibility of an entirely new masculinity. -Hedi Slimane
Hedi was and is still misspelled 'Heidi,' and my perception of genders ended up slightly out of focus from an early age. -Hedi Slimane
I always loved designing, but the context needs to be right, and have a positive perspective. -Hedi Slimane
Fashion somehow, for me, is purely and happily irrational. -Hedi Slimane
Haute couture is a legitimate subject for Yves Saint Laurent and could resume one day. -Hedi Slimane
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