Henry Clay Quotes

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Statistics are no substitute for judgment -Henry Clay
I'd rather be right than President. -Henry Clay
I had rather be right than be President. -Henry Clay
Sir, I would rather be right than to be President. -Henry Clay
Sir, I had rather be right than to be President. -Henry Clay
Their disappearance from the human family would be no great loss to the world. -Henry Clay
Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart. -Henry Clay
Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character. -Henry Clay
If you wish to avoid foreign collision, you had better abandon the ocean. -Henry Clay
I have heard something said about allegiance to the South. I know no South, no North, no East, no West, to which I owe any allegiance. -Henry Clay
Of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of competition. -Henry Clay
An oppressed people are authorized whenever they can to rise and break their fetters. -Henry Clay
I would rather be right than President. -Henry Clay
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