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Experiential versus the God eye! Possessing 'ego vision', a person's view through her/his physical eyes is quite versatile; able to discern wide and varied vistas over huge distances or scrutinizing the minutest of details. Ego's very nature: capable of relatively expansive, detailed, and yet individualistic perspective is crucial. Separating itself out from the God Force, ego extracts infinite unique experiences, integral to humanity's process of spiritualizing matter. Incarnating on the earth, achieving individualism is therefore critical for attainment of divinity. Individualism may cause momentary estrangement from the God Self. However, this person has forgotten that they are everything in the mirror, the 'sliver' and the 'ball of light', ' continues Kuan Yin. During this complex passage Lena was inundated by infinite rapid-fire visuals: emanations from the God Mind. 'Further and unfortunately, wrong assumptions are made about suffering. Some individuals even believe that it is required, that suffering brings one closer to salvation. Quite the contrary, ' disputes Kuan Yin, 'the God Force likes to play. Therefore, if all individuals could unite creating a real sense of community many problems could be healed. The God Force is separate and not separate, whole and not whole at the same time. Really, it is not 'sliceable', not reducible. Even when it is sliced into individual energies, it does not diminish the total God Force or the power of the individual. Each of you has the potential for the God Force potency. However, no individual can overcome the God Force. There is a misinterpretation, (by some) that Satan is as powerful as God. Limited energy cannot live on its own. Every experience must exist and yet they (the limiting forces) can never exist on their own. Limited energy, then, is the experience of the absence of the God Force. Therefore, there is no need to fear it. Those choosing such experiences have a need to understand how it feels to believe evil powers exist. Again, I say those who pursue this route are taking it too personally. They believe the story they've made up about themselves. It is similar to a person going into an ice cream store and only choosing one flavor from many. Preoccupied with tasting that flavor for a very long time, they are probably quite sick and tired of it. Still, they don't want to believe there are any other flavors available. The 'agreement', then, is to continue to believe in that particular flavor. Here's where reincarnation and its opportunity for experiencing a vast array of perspectives, 'agreements', enters in. Another life offers another opportunity, a chance to 'switch flavors' so to speak. Taking oneself too personally, however, can cause a soul to get caught up, stuck in redundancy: in a particular (and perhaps unfortunate) flavor. In such instances, the individual is forgetting one has the ability to choose his or her flavors, lives, ' contends Kuan Yin.

Hope Bradford
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Kuan Yin looks very traditional. Her hands are folded together. The thick cloth of her costume is folded perfectly, " describes Lena. "Just as in the previous session, I'm reminded of the significance of the folds. I'm having an interesting vision that I haven't thought about in many years. I see a beautiful tree where I used to go when I was a teenager. It stands majestic, atop the rolling hills behind the house where I grew up. Kuan Yin is at the tree looking very luminous. I see the bark of the tree, which looks very real, very three-dimensional. For some reason, Kuan Yin is touching the trunk of the tree. She suddenly seems very small next to me and she wants me to touch the tree. I'm not sure why. There is a tiny bird, with pretty feathers in its nest. It is about the size of a wren. I see the texture of the tree. I think it might be a birch. I'm not sure. 'Why should I touch the tree, ' I ask. She's telling me that I created the tree, that it is another realm I was able to visit because life was too painful and lonely at home.' 'You created the tree. You create your whole world with thoughts, ' assures Kuan Yin. 'Every time I try to touch the tree, Kuan Yin wants to help me touch it. There's something different about this conversation. Usually we work on something about the earth. Because we're revisiting my childhood, I get the impression Kuan Yin's trying to show me something that maybe I created in my childhood.' 'Well, do we all create our reality?' Kuan Yin asks of Lena. 'I think she's going to answer her own question, ' comments Lena, from her trance. 'Yes, you can create your reality. Once you free yourself from the negative effects of karma. I know it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between free will and karma. Focus upon your free will and your ability to create reality. I'm optimistic and hopeful you can do this.

Hope Bradford
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