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Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. -Hubert De Givenchy
I absolutely believe my talent is God-given. I ask God for a lot, but I also thank him. I'm a very demanding believer. -Hubert De Givenchy
The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress. -Hubert de Givenchy
Each time I'm in a film, Givenchy dresses me. -Hubert de Givenchy
It's a fabulous thing to give life to fabric, to make something move well, the harmony of colour. -Hubert de Givenchy
As a student, I was more gifted in history and geography. Things like arithmetic were not my strength. -Hubert de Givenchy
It's the most beautiful job in the world to give happiness to people. -Hubert de Givenchy
Fabric is the most extraordinary thing; it has life. You must respect the fabric. -Hubert de Givenchy
You must, if it's possible, be born with a kind of elegance. It's part of you, of yourself. -Hubert de Givenchy
The little black dress is the hardest thing to realize because you must keep it simple. -Hubert de Givenchy
I haven't really got a green thumb, but I love gardens and their architecture. -Hubert de Givenchy
As time passes, we like to simplify our lives. -Hubert de Givenchy
Encouragement helps you to go one step more, become better. -Hubert de Givenchy
If fashion is good, it has no epoch. -Hubert de Givenchy
To have lived your dream is very rare in life. I am a very happy man. I have been so fortunate. -Hubert de Givenchy
It is important to work. It is important for my mind. -Hubert de Givenchy
A piece of material has a life. You must never upset it if you want the material to speak. -Hubert de Givenchy
I didn't do any designs for 'My Fair Lady.' -Hubert de Givenchy
I love to dance, and I love to see people dance. It is good exercise. It gives you a kind of energy. -Hubert de Givenchy
I dreamed of fashion as a little boy. -Hubert de Givenchy
I'd love to wear the big pant, like I see on the street, or the blouson, but I'd look ridiculous. I'm not that shape. You must respect yourself. -Hubert de Givenchy
You never finish learning. -Hubert de Givenchy
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