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Festivals are the best because you can't control anything, and for a control freak like me, that's a wonderful experience. -Jack Garratt
I got to a point when I was 20 that I dropped out of university because I felt I didn't have any purpose, and I wanted to find a fire in me. -Jack Garratt
With the BBC Sound list, it's just humbling even being put aside those other musicians - people like Alicia Kava, who I am a huge fan of. -Jack Garratt
For me, creating music is just as relaxing as sitting down and doing nothing. -Jack Garratt
Every single pair of trousers I own has a plectrum in it. -Jack Garratt
Performing outside is always kind of strange. Usually, you can't hear something, whether it's your voice or instrument, but it's a fun challenge. -Jack Garratt
I get inspired by the sounds that evoke an emotion from me. That's what I am drawn to; that's what turns me on. -Jack Garratt
The best music is the music which brings out something of you that you didn't know was there before, or you did know was there but had avoided. -Jack Garratt
The thing that was most constant when I was growing up was just complete support and adoration from my parents. -Jack Garratt
My mum would play Stevie Wonder around the house, and I remember just loving the songs and feeling so blown away by how much was going on. -Jack Garratt
I like making sounds and putting it together, I'm not just a singer or a producer. -Jack Garratt
I've purposely made my music to be challenging and different. There's some electronics, R&B, blues, Motown, country, jazz and lots of soul. -Jack Garratt
My mission is to just keep creating music. If it helps people in some way, then I'm doing the right thing. -Jack Garratt
I grew up with parents who really encouraged me to listen to as much music as I could. -Jack Garratt
I've always found myself to be most free and creatively open when I'm on my own. -Jack Garratt
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