James F. Cooper Quotes

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Whatever may be the changes produced by man, the eternal round of the seasons is unbroken. -James F. Cooper
A soul,--a spark of the never-dying flame that separates man from all the other beings of earth. -James F. Cooper
At no period of the naval history of the world, is it probable that Marines were more important than during the War of the Revolution, -James F. Cooper
There is a destiny in war, to which a brave man knows how to submit with the same courage that he faces his foes. -James F. Cooper
It is a governing principle of nature, that the agency which can produce most good, when perverted from its proper aim, is most productive of evil. -James F. Cooper
The minority of a country is never known to agree, except in its efforts to reduce and oppress the majority. -James F. Cooper
Should we distrust the man because his manners are not our manners, and that his skin is dark? -James F. Cooper
Contact with the affairs of state is one of the most corrupting of the influences to which men are exposed. -James F. Cooper
All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. -James F. Cooper
The sight of a coward's blood can never make a warrior tremble. -James F. Cooper
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