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Even from a listening end now, I'm still completely a fan of music. -James Iha
I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like strong projects, big music. -James Iha
I started a recording studio. I started producing people and doing remixes. -James Iha
I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. -James Iha
Well, I always hope that I'm a role model. -James Iha
My first job in NYC was playing a gig in the early nineties at CBGBs. -James Iha
I suppose listening to a double album is kind of like going to the chiropractor... It's pretty good for you but you can't force it on anyone else. -James Iha
Yeah, I'm sure there are stereotypes of Asian people. -James Iha
We have a partnership deal with New Line Records, which is part of New Line Cinema, and... I worked on that. -James Iha
I live most of the time in New York now. I have an apartment there. -James Iha
I like the challenges of doing different things. It keeps things fresh for me. -James Iha
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