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A dog's idea of personal grooming is to roll on a dead fish. -James P. Gorman
Banking's a sexy industry! Creative - it's dynamic, it's global, it's fast-moving, you bring a lot of talented people together! -James P. Gorman
The world is getting better, but not in a straight line. -James P. Gorman
Let's be honest: It wasn't just the banks who messed up. There were a lot of people who tried to buy assets they couldn't afford. That's a reality. -James P. Gorman
The U.S. is becoming an industrial heartland again. -James P. Gorman
To enable large U.S. banks to support their clients better, the Volcker rule should be clarified. -James P. Gorman
I'm not that interested in just being around powerful people for the sake of it. -James P. Gorman
You can't operate a business running at a loss, and particularly if you're doing it by paying yourselves. It just doesn't fly. -James P. Gorman
That is what made America great: that everyone had the opportunity to be a winner. And I think it's still there. I'm certainly a beneficiary of it. -James P. Gorman
Every now and then, markets behave like schoolchildren. They overreact, they run around like crazy. -James P. Gorman
I certainly have no regret living in the U.S. The quality of life in Australia is good, but it is bloody good here as well. -James P. Gorman
I'll be very clear about this: I'm not a fan of getting rid of Dodd-Frank. -James P. Gorman
As much as the banking system may not be terribly popular, it is an essential part of the economy. -James P. Gorman
Bringing world leaders together as human beings rather than political machines is very important. -James P. Gorman
I am very proud of my Australian roots. -James P. Gorman
If you underperform for your owners, eventually they pick up their bat and ball and go home. -James P. Gorman
Markets shouldn't be moving in a straight line. -James P. Gorman
There are elements of Dodd-Frank that clearly need to be curtailed. -James P. Gorman
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