James Surowiecki Quotes

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The important thing about groupthink is that it works not so much by censoring dissent as by making dissent seem somehow improbable. -James Surowiecki
In order to work well, markets need a basic level of trust. -James Surowiecki
What the investment community does like is short-term measures designed to boost share prices. -James Surowiecki
Moviegoers love the intricacies of a crime all the more when it's for a good cause. -James Surowiecki
The profit motive, indecorous though it may seem, may represent the best chance the poor have to reap some of globalization's benefits. -James Surowiecki
Of course, presidents are always blamed or rewarded for the state of the economy. -James Surowiecki
The typical American corporation is a shareholders' republic the same way that China is a peoples' republic. -James Surowiecki
The desire for reinvention seems to arise most often when companies hear the siren call of synergy and start to expand beyond their core businesses. -James Surowiecki
If being the biggest company was a guarantee of success, we'd all be using IBM computers and driving GM cars. -James Surowiecki
If companies tell us more, insider trading will be worth less. -James Surowiecki
If private-equity firms are as good at remaking companies as they claim, they don't need tax loopholes to make money. -James Surowiecki
The stock market has an insidious effect on C.E.O.s' moods, because of its impact not just on their companies but on their own bank accounts. -James Surowiecki
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