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The language of economics is seldom limpid, but in H Street they usually manage to remove from it the very last flickering colophon of charm. -Jan Morris
Indians love to reduce the prosaic to the mystic -Jan Morris
I half cherish the hope that the end of history will be Swissness. -Jan Morris
Shaggy existentialists in frayed sandals, dilettantes by the score, spies by the portfolio. -Jan Morris
Kashmir has always been more than a mere place. It has the quality of an experience, or a state of mind, or perhaps an ideal. -Jan Morris
Leningrad ... is a city with the gift of timelessness. -Jan Morris
As to sex, the original pleasure, I cannot recommend too highly the advantages of androgyny. -Jan Morris
Australia is a country not so much of fulfillment as of theatrical expectation. -Jan Morris
To the stern student of affairs, Beirut is a phenomenon, beguiling perhaps, but quite, quite impossible. -Jan Morris
Its smallness is not petty; on the contrary, it is profound. -Jan Morris
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