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Imagination allows us to conceive of delightful future possibilities, pick the most amazing one, and pull the present forward to meet it. -Jason Silva
We fit the universe through our brains and it comes out in the form of nothing less than poetry. We have a responsibility to awe. -Jason Silva
I do NOT accept the ephemeral nature of this moment. I'm going to extend it FOREVER! Or at least I'm going to try. -Jason Silva
Film is the only technology that allows us to share subjectivity with someone else. -Jason Silva
To be inspired is the ultimate antidote to existential despair. -Jason Silva
There's always going to be the circumstances you can't plan for. There's always the unexpected relevance and the serendipity. -Jason Silva
We are gods. Our tools make us gods. In symbiosis with our technology, our powers are expanding exponentially and so, too, our possibilities. -Jason Silva
Technology is, of course, a double edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us. -Jason Silva
iphone therefore I am. -Jason Silva
Ideas are powerful because they allow us to see the world as it could be, rather than what it is. -Jason Silva
I want big ideas to have aesthetic relevance. I want to tickle people's intellectual sensibilities and instill a sense of wonder. -Jason Silva
I make short films, little documentaries, about the co-evolution of humans and technology. -Jason Silva
Once we realize the extraordinary power we have to compose our lives, we'll move from passive, conditioned thinking to being co-creators of our fate. -Jason Silva
The scientist and engineers who are building the future need the poets to make sense of it. -Jason Silva
If you use it intelligently, Twitter can be a form of engineered serendipity. -Jason Silva
You can't win the hearts and minds of the masses unless you inspire them - you must lift their spirits and enliven their hearts. -Jason Silva
As a media artist and filmmaker, I'm constantly considering the role of situational context when creating my work. -Jason Silva
There has always been this narrator in me - I loved ideas, and part of the great love affair I would have with ideas consisted of talking about them. -Jason Silva
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