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My inspirations come from everywhere. It's important to look at everything and anything. -Jason Wu
When I was growing up, you sort of did the unthinkable. You did something that has never really been replicated. -Jason Wu
Actually, I'm probably 99-and-a-half percent plastic now. -Jason Wu
I worked 10 years as a toy designer before I started my career as a fashion designer. It's something I just fell into and really liked. -Jason Wu
My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky. -Jason Wu
I didn't understand anything about fashion until I moved to Canada when I was 9. That's when I learned English and was exposed to fashion magazines. -Jason Wu
Being feminine in the way you dress doesn't have to compromise who you are as a woman or your career. -Jason Wu
Buy things you truly love, things that are special, but not a lot of them. It's about value, not quantity. -Jason Wu
As a designer you have to just do whatever you want to do. The second I came to terms with that, it transformed my work. -Jason Wu
I miss All Stars, by the way. I was just telling people: how am I going to get by until January? -Jason Wu
I hope being gay isn't the most interesting thing about me. -Jason Wu
I need to feel like I'm part of something. I need to feel part of the world when I go to sleep. -Jason Wu
Anyone who knows me knows that I don't know anything about politics. Every time I go to Washington, I feel like I'm in Legally Blonde. -Jason Wu
We all want to be a little glamorous, a little playful and a little mischievous at times. -Jason Wu
I've always loved the rustic, slightly worn style of Canvas and that element of an artisanal hand. It's so inherently chic. -Jason Wu
My mom is a really good cook. We used to make dumplings together. -Jason Wu
I hope I am the antithesis of disposable fashion. -Jason Wu
My favorite thing about Taiwan is the food. -Jason Wu
Designers have always shown outlandish and exuberant clothes, but that hasn't always translated to the streets. -Jason Wu
I call white the most powerful non-color; it's clean, optimistic, powerful. -Jason Wu
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