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There is no picturesque version of what self-care looks like; it's different for every person who wants to practice it. -Jenna Wortham
We live in a time of astounding technological advancements. There are deep-sea drones and live-streaming virtual reality. -Jenna Wortham
Getting a tattoo is arguably one of the most insane decisions a sensible human can make. -Jenna Wortham
I like to dim the lights and talk about the ghosts I've known and invite other people to tell me their stories. -Jenna Wortham
Traditional guidebooks have never quite done it for me. Too often, they seem to be aimed at a certain type of comfortable, middle-class traveler. -Jenna Wortham
I experimented with every kind of class possible - yoga, spin, Pilates, rowing - but it was all haphazard, cobbled together by trial and error. -Jenna Wortham
Artists have long urged cultural introspection by creating work that forces awareness of our current political and economic landscape. -Jenna Wortham
Our phones don't just keep us in touch with the world; they're also diaries, confessional booths, repositories for our deepest secrets. -Jenna Wortham
For many years, taking care of myself consisted of showering and showing up to work on time. Sleeping and eating were inconveniences at best. -Jenna Wortham
Twitter, it can be said, completely changed the way activism is done, who can participate, and even how we define it. -Jenna Wortham
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