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If you get too attached to how you want it to come out the other side, you freeze. I try to trust that it will work out in the end. -Jennifer Connelly
I try to stay focused on my life and do try not to be brought into the Hollywood fantasy. -Jennifer Connelly
I didn't expect to win the Oscar. You grow up watching the Oscars on TV and you think it happens to fancy people. It was really surreal -Jennifer Connelly
I am just blessed they are such great, really wonderful kids... -Jennifer Connelly
Requiem for a Dream. -Jennifer Connelly
Neither my husband nor I am interested in mincing words. If I break something, for example, I have to announce it. I'm a compulsive confessor. -Jennifer Connelly
I'm not one of those people who thinks they simply deserves success. I have the drive to work. Maybe that's why I've stayed on the fringe. -Jennifer Connelly
You make mistakes as a parent. Then you wish you hadn't said that, or you wish you hadn't told them how to dress. You cringe. -Jennifer Connelly
I don't always like my own behavior. I haven't known anyone who is perfect all the time. -Jennifer Connelly
I had enough time being single to know I have no regrets about being married! -Jennifer Connelly
Nobody wants to get rid of their life experiences - you are who you are because of them, no matter if they're good or bad. -Jennifer Connelly
Once I'm comfortable with someone, I'm not reserved. I'm a compulsive confessor. -Jennifer Connelly
I would not want to be on a cruise ship. Some ferry crossings I'm not too thrilled about. -Jennifer Connelly
You can't predict what someone else is going to do and when someone else is going to leave. -Jennifer Connelly
I didn't expect to win the Oscar. You grow up watching the Oscars on TV and you think it happens to fancy people. It was really surreal. -Jennifer Connelly
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