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Sometimes you have to burn yourself to the ground before you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. -Jens Lekman
I don't like irony and sarcasm very much. But I do like it when you think someone is telling you a joke, and then you discover it's serious. -Jens Lekman
I feel like it's my responsibility not to leave the listener in a pool of dread. -Jens Lekman
What I can't fit into my suitcase is probably something I don't need. -Jens Lekman
If you come to the conclusion that there is no conclusion, well, that's a conclusion, too. -Jens Lekman
Summer is always best through a window. -Jens Lekman
I think all the best songs do that: they offer some sort of hope and light in the darkness. -Jens Lekman
Really, to me, a really good evening would be a comedian, followed by a band, followed by a really good DJ. -Jens Lekman
There's so much nostalgia for music from the past. -Jens Lekman
I have mood swings, but I'm sure people in England have that, too. Me and my friends, we're just a bunch of happy idiots. -Jens Lekman
It always feel like people are doing more grown-up things than you are. -Jens Lekman
My old songs used to take place in Gothenburg; then, when I lived in Melbourne, the songs just naturally took place more in Melbourne. -Jens Lekman
I think South Korea was one of the best shows I've ever done in my whole life. The people there were crazy. It was literally Beatlemania. -Jens Lekman
If there's two things I will never do, it would be grow a beard and pick up the uke again. -Jens Lekman
I think it's healthy that people that work in a creative field look for inspiration in a different creative field. -Jens Lekman
'Postcards' was just a way of slapping myself in the face and saying, 'You can do anything! Just go for it!' -Jens Lekman
I grew up in the '90s and remember the lyrics back then were so abstract and open to interpretation. That always drove me crazy. -Jens Lekman
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