Jessica Springsteen Quotes

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I think working hard at anything when you're young and getting positive results, it's always an incredible feeling to see that. -Jessica Springsteen
I think the riding uniform has always been so classic, with the britches and the blazers. -Jessica Springsteen
As for singing, my parents say I have a good voice, but then again, they have to say that. -Jessica Springsteen
You can have the most amazing horse in the world and not be able to ride it, so it has to be a good match for sure. -Jessica Springsteen
I try and borrow my mom's vintage stuff as much as she lets me - she has this amazing vintage Gucci that I love. -Jessica Springsteen
My parents taught me that having a passion is a rare thing, so following it through and working hard, even when it's tough, is important. -Jessica Springsteen
I love the freedom you feel on horseback, and enjoy the discipline of competition. -Jessica Springsteen
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