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I wind up stretched across the couch still nodding with Sherlock Holmes examining our crushed veins -Jim Carroll
Back then, Billy imagined that drops of rain were unanswered prayers falling back to earth. -Jim Carroll
Conscience is no more than the dead speaking to us. -Jim Carroll
I'll Die For Your Sins If You Live For mine. -Jim Carroll
all right buddah gets a backstage pass but all his friends have to pay -Jim Carroll
Poverty of young men alone behind the stairways, who practice alchemy inside bottle caps, who know the altruism of a last syringe. -Jim Carroll
For now, we have a very important - our most important - goal in our life now is to get her back. -Jim Carroll
I was a Catholic boy, redeemed through pain, not through joy, -Jim Carroll
You see, you just don't know I'm here to give you my heart And you want some fashion show -Jim Carroll
My voice has a quiver/ A quiver is where you keep arrows until you shoot them. -Jim Carroll
I can't sing that well, but when punk-rock came along, it changed all that. -Jim Carroll
I should have stayed an athlete, body well-tuned, cruising around with my accountant in a Porsche, maroon and chrome. -Jim Carroll
Artists have nothing to do with the deranged, vaguely connected actions of a few celebrated nutcases. -Jim Carroll
It's easy to get by on a facade of fancy style, but sooner or later, people are going to see through it. I'm trying to be as honest as possible. -Jim Carroll
I was always the young guy. And when you're successful when you're young, it leads to an arrested adolescence or something, y'know. -Jim Carroll
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