Joe Calzaghe Quotes

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I've defended my title for eight years, let's see if Ricky (Hatton) is still champion in four years. -Joe Calzaghe
I've been boxing for 25 years and I need exciting fights. -Joe Calzaghe
I'm devastated with the injury but I've proved my heart and skill to everyone by fighting one handed for eight rounds. -Joe Calzaghe
Alright, he's chucking his toys out the basket and Gary Shaw has a big mouth and shouts a lot. -Joe Calzaghe
I love the big fights. Obviously you can't fight just for the money but the money is nice. -Joe Calzaghe
Judging by your performance at the Olympics, it don't look too bright for your future does it! -Joe Calzaghe
He's a sore loser and he lost the fight. -Joe Calzaghe
The lacy fight was a career defining fight. -Joe Calzaghe
The Eubank fight was my hardest fight. -Joe Calzaghe
Lacy was a pleasurable fight. It wasn't my hardest fight because I won every single minute of every single round. -Joe Calzaghe
My lowest points was getting injured and pulling out of fights. -Joe Calzaghe
No secret man. Just starvation, hunger and diet. -Joe Calzaghe
I don't know if I have the patience and I don't have a trainers license but I will help out. Whether I want to do that full time, I doubt it. -Joe Calzaghe
I train the same way as I've always trained, even before I was champion. That's the difference, I train like a challenger. -Joe Calzaghe
That gut-wrenching feeling of defeat I can still feel today. Losing and God are the two things that I fear. I fear no man -Joe Calzaghe
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