John F. Kelly Quotes

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One day, you'll get out of the Marine Corps; you'll put your uniform up, but you'll never not be a Marine. -John F. Kelly
Marines dying or being seriously wounded is commonplace in combat. -John F. Kelly
I'm pretty committed to the Constitution. -John F. Kelly
I think we could very easily suffer a seriously catastrophic cyber event. -John F. Kelly
We cannot gamble with American lives. I will not gamble with American lives. -John F. Kelly
We are at war and, like it or not, that is a fact. It is not Bush's war, and it is not Obama's war. It is our war, and we can't run away from it. -John F. Kelly
Years ago, people didn't wear seatbelts. Now, most people wouldn't get in a car without putting a seatbelt on. -John F. Kelly
I do not believe that the Sunni tribes have gone over to the Islamic State. -John F. Kelly
To lose a child is - I can't imagine anything worse than that. -John F. Kelly
The comforting news for every American is that our men and women in uniform, and every Marine, is as good today as any in our history. -John F. Kelly
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