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I think we would ignore them as a threat at our peril. It isn't going to make life any easier. -John Fleming
I see a bright, bright future for the Republican Party and conservatism in general. -John Fleming
We've got our own power - the power of the purse. -John Fleming
We have too many in Washington who are all too willing to just go along with the status quo and not make any waves. -John Fleming
We owe our law enforcement officers the highest respect. -John Fleming
I certainly don't think that taxpayers should subsidize abortions. -John Fleming
If we're going to change leadership, we need to do it in a very systematic and organized way. -John Fleming
For nearly a century, Republican-controlled Houses held the line on tax rates, a Republican coup de pointe to Democratic tax-increase parries. -John Fleming
Class warfare has never created a job. -John Fleming
By the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over. -John Fleming
I'm a public servant. And I work for the American people. -John Fleming
We have an unprecedented number of primary care doctors who are opting out of Medicare. -John Fleming
I was elected to represent my district, not to predict the future. -John Fleming
I don't think we should run government based on economists' predictions. -John Fleming
Now that we have the Senate and the House fully controlled by Republicans, we need to be working together. -John Fleming
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