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What is the purpose of being human and alive without doing new things? -John Sulston
If we understand the worm, we understand life. -John Sulston
Biomedical research is only as good as its delivery. Distribution of medicines by charities is no more than a stopgap. -John Sulston
As far back as I remember, and earlier, I was an artisan, a maker and doer. Mechanically minded, my parents said. -John Sulston
You have to say - and I do - that anything that blocks that cheapest possible point-of-care delivery of health is wrong. -John Sulston
On my mother's side, I come from Midlands engineers and, on my father's, from tenant farmers near Oxford. -John Sulston
Many people thought that, given my knowledge of the egg, I should analyse embryonic mutants. -John Sulston
The fact is that proprietary databases don't work for such basic and broadly needed information as the sequence of the human genome. -John Sulston
Whilst worthy in themselves, applications shouldn't be the only way to drive basic research. -John Sulston
I don't think one ought to bring a clearly disabled child into the world. -John Sulston
The Wellcome Trust is a hugely important organisation, and it is vital that its fundraising continues unabated. -John Sulston
Science and the many benefits that science has produced have played a crucial part in our history and produced vast improvements to human welfare. -John Sulston
I don't want a few extra weeks of life at enormous cost, for example, when it comes to the end. -John Sulston
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