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The middle class, one of the great achievements in history, is becoming more of a relic than a reality. -Jon Meacham
World War II ended the Great Depression with one of the great public-private industrial collaborations in the history of man. -Jon Meacham
Too many activists have convinced themselves that they have a monopoly on truth. A little humility and a sense of history could move us all forward. -Jon Meacham
President Obama is now losing to 'Republican Nominee' in polls - no name needed. -Jon Meacham
An important thing to remember about the press is there is no ideological bias -Jon Meacham
Leadership meant knowing how to distill complexity into a comprehensible message to reach the hearts as well as the minds of the larger world. -Jon Meacham
A politician's task was to bring reality and policy into the greatest possible account with the ideal and the principled. -Jon Meacham
Sometimes paranoids have enemies, and conspiracies are only laughable when they fail to materialize. -Jon Meacham
No government can be maintained without the principle of fear as well as duty. -Jon Meacham
Steadiness of faith, was, in the long run, as illuminating and essential as sophistication of thought. -Jon Meacham
Jefferson was ambivalent about executive power - until he bore executive responsibility. -Jon Meacham
Jefferson was the rare leader who stood out from the crowd without intimidating it. -Jon Meacham
Always take all the time to reflect that circumstances permit, but when the time for action has come, stop thinking. (Andrew Jackson) -Jon Meacham
Jackson lead as he lived, sometimes with his heart, sometimes with his mind, sometimes with both. -Jon Meacham
Politics was at once clinical and human, driven by principles and passions that he (the leader) had to master and harness for the good of the whole. -Jon Meacham
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