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Don't give me that Christian forgiveness bullshit, Dukach. I'm a vindictive Jew!' he'd bellow. -Jonathan Galassi
Publishing would be so wonderful without those wretched authors. -Jonathan Galassi
In 90 percent of cases, you could tell within a page or two whether the writer could write. -Jonathan Galassi
This is a love story. It's about the good old days, when men were men and women were women and books were books. -Jonathan Galassi
Be patient, work hard and consistently, have faith in your writing, and don't be afraid to listen to constructive criticism. -Jonathan Galassi
I've always loved the poetry in 'Pale Fire.' I think it's wonderful. -Jonathan Galassi
As the publisher of FSG and the custodian of its legacy, I have an interested insider's view. -Jonathan Galassi
The only thing you can really say in a poem is what you really, really deeply believe. -Jonathan Galassi
My poems are always about my life in one way or another. -Jonathan Galassi
I think poetry was always where I went to deal with my deepest feelings. -Jonathan Galassi
After college, I went to England and studied for a couple years. -Jonathan Galassi
I've always used poetry to explain myself to myself. These things just sat in my psyche and then came out. -Jonathan Galassi
Claiming your life for yourself feels like a huge deal until you do it. -Jonathan Galassi
What the beautiful-writing writers are most attached to is almost always superfluous. -Jonathan Galassi
Writing is inherently scary. -Jonathan Galassi
Poems are endlessly renewable resources. Whatever you bring to them, at whatever stage of life, gets mirrored back, refracted, reread in new ways. -Jonathan Galassi
Elizabeth Bishop in particular had a big impact on me personally as well as artistically. Her insistence on clarity is something I rate very highly. -Jonathan Galassi
That's one thing about fiction: you can make the world be the way you think it should be. -Jonathan Galassi
I can write anywhere that's quiet. I have a study in my apartment, but I often work in the kitchen of a house that we rent in the country. -Jonathan Galassi
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