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Life has a funny way of turning you into the one thing you don't want to be. -Jonathan Levine
I'm always walking around with headphones on, creating my own soundtracks to whatever the day is. I think I have a poppy sensibility. -Jonathan Levine
For me, I just value my friendships so much. I mean, I love my family, too, but my friends - I have a really special connection with my friends. -Jonathan Levine
'Purple Rain' is probably the best soundtrack. -Jonathan Levine
I watched 'Return Of The Living Dead.' That one's cool, man. I like that one. -Jonathan Levine
I have a cameo in every movie. In '50/50,' I'm in the back of the bus. -Jonathan Levine
I like a pretty relaxed, fun set. Everyone knows they can bring whoever they want and hang out. -Jonathan Levine
Usually, the kills are almost Wile E. Coyote kind of things in horror movies. -Jonathan Levine
It's rare that movies can sort of capture the tone of life; movies always feel like they have to be one thing or another. -Jonathan Levine
I love Jamaica so much. I've been there so much, and I think it would be great if we could shoot a movie there. -Jonathan Levine
I always look at myself as kind of a work in progress. I hope that's not always the case. But for me, every film is a learning experience. -Jonathan Levine
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