Jonathan Van Ness Quotes

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When you're willing to be vulnerable, you can surprise yourself at how strong you can be. -Jonathan Van Ness
You have to create little pockets of joy in your life to take care of yourself. -Jonathan Van Ness
Confidence is sexy. -Jonathan Van Ness
So often, grooming is meant to make you feel better about yourself, and a lot of times, we use it to make ourselves feel worse. -Jonathan Van Ness
Gorgeous exfoliants are expensive. -Jonathan Van Ness
When you've been on Instagram and Twitter long enough, you know how mean people can be. -Jonathan Van Ness
I've had the honor of working with so many trans people as a hairdresser over my career in some way. -Jonathan Van Ness
I'm good at following my own grooming advice. -Jonathan Van Ness
Please don't compare the nature and authenticity of 'Queer Eye' to 'The Bachelor.' -Jonathan Van Ness
I don't want to do transformations on people for the sake of a visual. I want to do it because it makes sense. -Jonathan Van Ness
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