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The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful. -Jonathan Zittrain
Another view is Western companies chartered in societies that believe in this kind of censorship shouldn't be carrying water for societies that do. -Jonathan Zittrain
The Internets distinct configuration may have made cyberattacks easy to launch, but it has also kindled the flame of freedom. -Jonathan Zittrain
Being closed to outsiders made the iPhone reliable and predictable. -Jonathan Zittrain
Through historical accident, we've ended up with a global network that pretty much allows anybody to communicate with anyone else at any time. -Jonathan Zittrain
Search engines generally treat personal names as search terms like any others: Data is data. -Jonathan Zittrain
I'm interested in harnessing the good will and distributed power of people, including novices. -Jonathan Zittrain
The Internet is a collective hallucination: one of the best humanity has ever generated. -Jonathan Zittrain
If you entrust your data to others, they can let you down or outright betray you. -Jonathan Zittrain
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