Jools Holland Quotes

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A good example of the modern world is the Eurotunnel. And mobile phones - I like them. -Jools Holland
Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller are examples of poets, I think. -Jools Holland
Without the piano, my life would be a disaster - nobody would hold me in any regard. It's the thing that saved me. -Jools Holland
I love the Queen. I've had a crush on her since I was eight. -Jools Holland
'The Tube' was the first time the plebs had gone on the television. The lunatics taking over the asylum. -Jools Holland
Music can lift the spirit; it can make you cry. Soldiers have marched into battle to music. It's a powerful thing. -Jools Holland
I do so much travelling in my work that my suitcase is always packed, with my passport ready. I rarely unpack, as I am constantly on the move. -Jools Holland
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