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One would expect boredom to be a great yawning emotion, but it isn't, of course. It's a small niggling thing. -Josephine Tey
A man may own a ship, but unless he is captain of a crew he goes where the ship goes. -Josephine Tey
It would do her good to have some demons to fight, to be swung out in space and held over some bottomless pit now and then. -Josephine Tey
What had he ever wanted that he could not buy? And if that wasn't riches he didn't know what was. -Josephine Tey
Riches ... don't consist in having things, but in not having to do something you don't want to do. ... Riches is being able to thumb your nose. -Josephine Tey
Fasting was good for the imagination but bad for logic. -Josephine Tey
It was pleasant to talk shop again; to use that elliptical, allusive speech that one uses only with another of one's trade. -Josephine Tey
Horse sense is the instinct that keeps horses from betting on men. -Josephine Tey
Truth isn't in accounts but in account-books. -Josephine Tey
Truth is often terribly thin, don't you think? -Josephine Tey
A thousand people drowned in floods in China are news: a solitary child drowned in a pond is tragedy. -Josephine Tey
In hospitals there is no time off for good behavior. -Josephine Tey
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