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Luckily, my husband is my business partner as well as my life partner, so I never had to do the heavy lifting alone, literally or figuratively. -Josie Maran
I'm still figuring out why people would want to look at me. Maybe it's generic beauty, but it's weird to be valued for something I was born with. -Josie Maran
I have a Volvo S60R and it's a pretty fast car, the R says it all. -Josie Maran
Having your own character in a video game is pretty cool. -Josie Maran
I've been in plenty of situations where someone I'm dating had more time for a console than me. -Josie Maran
The roughest part of that lifestyle is the travel and early mornings. -Josie Maran
I do like to drive fast and I have gotten pulled over in the past. I use my skills to get out of tickets. -Josie Maran
I could lie and tell you I'm a hardcore gamer - I'm not. -Josie Maran
Part of the challenge of Most Wanted is trying to become the most notorious street racer on the pavement. -Josie Maran
Modeling isn't all that tough. -Josie Maran
Like most celebrities, of course, I adore all the Mario games. -Josie Maran
I would consider myself an inventor at heart, or reinventor. -Josie Maran
If you tell me I can't do something, it just makes me want to do it more. -Josie Maran
In my business, if you look good, no one is going to be checking up on whether you work out. So it's up to me. -Josie Maran
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