Justin Kurzel Quotes

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When I was 17, I moved to Sydney to study set design at NIDA. -Justin Kurzel
I'd said no to directing 'Snowtown' a few times and was quite scared of it, but I saw a story there that was worth telling. -Justin Kurzel
Directing is a whole series of things that would be awkward socially. But I love that. I love actors. Talking with them, touching, laughing, crying. -Justin Kurzel
I love Steve Martin so much, even in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.' -Justin Kurzel
Oh, 'Step Brothers' is genius. I could watch that film a thousand times. -Justin Kurzel
I'm not a violent person; I'm not interested in violence. -Justin Kurzel
What happened in Snowtown was repeated many times in history, in a big scale and a small scale. -Justin Kurzel
The wonderful thing about cinema is you can bring a 3D world to life. -Justin Kurzel
The first time I went to Cannes, Gus Van Sant was there in competition with 'Last Days.' -Justin Kurzel
In Australia, I think, there's so much baggage with it. You just mention 'Snowtown,' and everyone's got an opinion about it. -Justin Kurzel
I definitely had very strong male figures in my life, who, when I look back, clearly laid the foundations to who I am. -Justin Kurzel
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