Justus Von Liebig Quotes

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Receiving a new truth is like adding a new sense. -Justus Von Liebig
The progress of mankind is due exclusively to the progress of natural sciences, not to morals, religion or philosophy. -Justus von Liebig
From one sublime genius-NEWTON-more light has proceeded than the labour of a thousand years preceding had been able to produce. -Justus von Liebig
Balard did not discover bromine, rather bromine discovered Balard. {Comment on Antoine Jere´me Balard, discoverer of bromine.} -Justus von Liebig
In this apparatus is nothing new but its simplicity and thorough trustworthiness. On his revolutionary method of organic analysis. -Justus von Liebig
The loveliest theories are being overthrown by these damned experiments; it's no fun being a chemist anymore. -Justus von Liebig
We may fairly judge of the commercial prosperity of a country from the amount of sulphuric acid it consumes. -Justus von Liebig
The secret of all those who make discoveries is that they regard nothing as impossible. -Justus von Liebig
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