Kate Millett Quotes

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Men and women were declared equal one morning and everybody could divorce each other by postcard. -Kate Millett
I was supposed to be women's lib, and now I'd exceeded it and gone over into international politics. -Kate Millett
Aren't women prudes if they don't and prostitutes if they do? -Kate Millett
Many women do not recognize themselves as discriminated against; no better proof could be found of the totality of their conditioning. -Kate Millett
Life is a publicity stunt. A shill. You've been had. -Kate Millett
Given the conditions under which you're a young person in this society, many things would be at least as important to you as your sexuality. -Kate Millett
Hell, I don't want to grow old at all. I never want to die. -Kate Millett
Because of our social circumstances, male and female are really two cultures and their life experiences are utterly different -Kate Millett
We are women. We are a subject people who have inherited an alien culture. -Kate Millett
What is the future of the woman's movement How in the hell do I know I don't run it. -Kate Millett
No one should be adored, it's fundamentally immoral. -Kate Millett
Hostility is expressed in a number of ways. One is laughter. -Kate Millett
The involuntary character of psychiatric treatment is at odds with the spirit and ethics of medicine itself. -Kate Millett
They are more beautiful than anything in the world, kinetic sculptures, perfect form in motion. -Kate Millett
Psychiatry causes so much death -Kate Millett
People have a right to their own lives, and if you can't help somebody, you ought to get out of their way. -Kate Millett
one of the blessings of adulthood is that one is no longer addressed as a thing. -Kate Millett
The complete destruction of traditional marriage and the nuclear family is the 'revolutionary or utopian' goal of feminism. -Kate Millett
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