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From the way his face lit with curiosity to the slight tilt of his jaw, even the lingering scent of brine and breeze gave him away. -Katherine McIntyre
He might have perfect form and better swordsmanship, but I had one thing on my side that stacked the deck in my favor. I was absolutely crazy. -Katherine McIntyre
Luckily, common sense had never been a strong suit of mine and my feet moved faster than my brain. -Katherine McIntyre
Time to make herself scarce because, hell, she didn't want to pass that thunderhead on her way out. -Katherine McIntyre
He looked so frustrated and perfectly serious, and yet here we were talking about his missing seal pelt. -Katherine McIntyre
He leveled his gaze on her-the intensity there whispering promises she couldn't fathom-and she shivered. -Katherine McIntyre
Overhead the sliver of a moon barely illuminated anything and shadows slunk on every corner. -Katherine McIntyre
Ignore the reek of feces in the air, the bloodstains on the ground, and you have yourself a glorious night. -Katherine McIntyre
The Cottage Diner's homey lights glowed onto black asphalt which just sucked up the beams to spit out more shadows. -Katherine McIntyre
Sorry, one night stands don't stack up as credentials for tending bar. -Katherine McIntyre
Whatever crimes this man had committed, they weren't as egregious as his inflated self-image. -Katherine McIntyre
Fine, fine, I'll indulge in this 'socializing' thing you always rave about. -Katherine McIntyre
Too late; my awkwardness had already made an unforgettable appearance, so, of course, I couldn't be let off the hook. -Katherine McIntyre
No monster would hold the hurt I see in your eyes or carry the guilt you do every day. -Katherine McIntyre
Beauty was a weapon as well, one Viola enjoyed wielding. -Katherine McIntyre
Geoff's arm emanated with a solid warmth I longed for after our days aboard S.S. British-Craphole. -Katherine McIntyre
Despite the gentlemanly kiss, a ferocity burned behind his gaze promising something primal. -Katherine McIntyre
When honor and glory get your squad killed and your brothers-in-arms shoved under the rug, you stop believing in the terms. -Katherine McIntyre
Guilt chilled me more than all of this rain combined. -Katherine McIntyre
Despite the sea being wild and the waves rolling away from the shore, the tide always returns. -Katherine McIntyre
As the sky faded to night, her anger dissipated-but not in a healing way, just dulled, like forged iron sizzling in a cold pail of water. -Katherine McIntyre
Aggression like this demanded slinging the first punch in a bar brawl, firing rounds at a range, or setting a car on fire. -Katherine McIntyre
The shadows along the streets were personal, and, every passing day, they seemed to grow longer and hungrier -Katherine McIntyre
Everyone's searching for someone to end the pain of loneliness. Even the darkest of souls wants a shot at redemption. -Katherine McIntyre
This one sank deep into her marrow and made her heart soar like the shuttles piercing the stratosphere. -Katherine McIntyre
If you're supposed to work with someone, I'd recommend not getting all hot and bothered with them the night before. The word of the day was 'tense. -Katherine McIntyre
Shards flew everywhere, slicing her hands, her forearm, and cascading to the floor like snow glistening on a winter morning. -Katherine McIntyre
What bothered me the most was the hesitation in his voice when he said that- like he was running out of time. -Katherine McIntyre
Ice upon ice, and yet, inside, she melted and mourned all the same. -Katherine McIntyre
Harsh, bitter laughs exploded from her like shrapnel, and she didn't care who was cut in the process. -Katherine McIntyre
Truth be told, loneliness had seeped into her bones with the passing of time until it had become her normal way of life. -Katherine McIntyre
We'd never talked about his parents, like he was some underwater Peter Pan. -Katherine McIntyre
Better to leave with good memories than have the last ones be the embarrassing, smoking ruin of what once had been a fantastic friendship. -Katherine McIntyre
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