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Simon whispered to me, 'But is everything okay?' 'No, ' Tori said. 'I kidnapped her and forced her to escape with me. I've been using her as a human shield against those guys with guns, and I was just about to strangle her and leave her body here to throw them off my trail. But then you showed up and foiled my evil plans. Lucky for you, though. You get to rescue poor little Chloe again and win her undying gratitude.' 'Undying gratitude?' Simon looked at me. 'Cool. Does that come with eternal servitude? If so, I like my eggs sunnyside up.' I smiled. 'I'll remember that.' 'Oh, right. You must be starving.' Simon reached into his pockets. 'I can offer one bruised apple and one brown banana. Convenience stores aren't the place to buy fruit, as I keep telling someone.' 'Better than these. For you, anyway, Simon.' Derek passed a bar to Tori. 'Because you aren't supposed to have those, are you?' I said. 'Which reminds me... ' I took out the insulin. 'Derek said it's your backup.' 'So my dark secret is out.' 'I didn't know it was a secret.' 'Not really. Just not something I advertise.'... 'Backup?' Tori said. 'You mean he didn't need that?' 'Apparently not, ' I murmured. Simon looked from her to me, confused, then understanding. 'You guys thought... ' 'That if you didn't get your medicine in the next twenty-four hours, you'd be dead?' I said. 'Not exactly, but close. You know, the old 'upping the ante with a fatal disease that needs medication' twist. Apparently, it still works.' 'Kind of a letdown, then, huh?' 'No kidding. Here we were, expecting to find you minutes from death. Look at you, not even gasping.' 'All right, then. Emergency medical situation, take two.' He leaped to his feet, staggered, keeled over, then lifted his head weakly. 'Chloe? Is that you?' He coughed. 'Do you have my insulin?' I placed it in his outstretched hand. 'You saved my life, ' he said. 'How can I ever repay you?' 'Undying servitude sounds good. I like my eggs scrambled.' He held up a piece of fruit. 'Would you settle for a bruised apple?' I laughed.

Kelley Armstrong
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Whatever it is, " I said, "the point is moot because as long as I'm on these pills, I can't make contact to ask." Derek... snapped, "Then you need to stop taking the pills." Love to. If I could. But after what happened last night, they're giving me urine tests now." Ugh. That's harsh." Simon went quiet, then snapped his fingers. Hey, I've got an idea. It's kinda gross, but what if you take the pills, crush them and mix them with your, you know, urine." Derek stared at him. What?" You did pass chem last year, didn't you?" Simon flipped him the finger. "Okay, genius, what's your idea?" I'll think about it... " Here, " Derek whispered, pressing an empty Mason jar into my hand. He'd pulled me aside after class and we were now standing at the base of the boy's staircase. "Take this up to your room and hide it." It's a... jar." He grunted, exasperated that I was so dense I failed to see the critical importance of hiding an empty Mason jar in my room. It's for your urine." My what?" He rolled his eyes, a growl-like sound sliding through his teeth as he leaned down, closer to my ear. "Urine. Pee. Whatever. For the testing." I lifted the jar to eye level. "I think they'll give me something smaller."... You took your meds today, right?" he whispered. I nodded. Then use this jar to save it." Save... ?" Your urine. If you give them some of today's tomorrow, it'll seem like you're still taking your meds." You want me to... dole it out? Into specimen jars?" Got a better idea?" Um, no, but... " I lifted the jar and stared into it. Oh, for God's sake. Save your piss. Don't save your piss. It's all the same to me." Simon peeked around the corner, brows lifted. "I was going to ask what you guys were doing, but hearing that, I think I'll pass.

Kelley Armstrong
Is that a no?" I said. "No. I mean.." He struggled for the smile again. "I'm just waiting for the punch line. Something about making it date so I need to pay. Or you expecting flowers. Or.." He trailed off. "There isn't a punch line, " I said. I rose onto my knees and inched over, in front of him. Then I stopped about a foot away. "No punch line, Daniel, " I said. "I'm asking if you'll go out with me." He didn't answer. Just reched out, his hand sliding between my hair and face, pulling me toward him and.. And he kissed me. His lips touched mine, tentatively, still unsure, and I eased closer, my arms going around his neck. He kissed me for real then, a long kiss that I felt in the bottom of my soul, a click, some deep part of me saying, "Yes, this is it." Even when the kiss broke off, it didn't end. It was like coming to the surface for a quick gasp of air, then plunging back down again, finding that sweet spot again, and holding onto it for as long as we could. Finally it tapered off, and we were lying on the picnic blanket, side by side, his hand on my hip, kissing slower now, with more breaks for air. until I said, "We should have done that sooner." He smiled, a lazy half smile, and he just looked at me for a moment, our gazes locked, lying there in drowsy happiness, before he said, "I think now's just fine." And he kissed me again, slower and softer now, as we rested there, eyes half closed. "So, about Saturday, did you ask me?" he said after a minute, "Because I'm pretty sure that means yo're paying." "Nope. You were imaging it. Considering how you eat, the meal bill is all yours. But I will spring for the movie. And bring you flowers." He chuckled. "Will you?" "Yep, a dozen pink roses, which you'll have to carry all night or risk offending me." "And what happens if I offend you?" "You don't get any more of this." I leaned in and kissed him again. And we stayed out there, on the blanket, as the sun fell, talking and kissing mostly, just being together. We had a long road ahead of us, and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But I had everything I wanted-everything I needed-and I'd get through it just fine. We all would.

Kelley Armstrong
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