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I wanted to be a stage actor but I got stuck on television. It took a couple of years to get used to. -Kevin Whately
With all the lines I have to learn for TV scripts, I don't think I have any problems with forgetfulness - that's brain exercise enough for me. -Kevin Whately
I never have liked detective dramas. I try to watch all of them to see what's going on, but I don't like them. -Kevin Whately
Before my mother's diagnosis with Alzheimer's, I had heard of the disease, but hadn't known anyone who had suffered from it. -Kevin Whately
I wish people would take more care of the countryside. -Kevin Whately
The more telly you do, the more it feels like a factory. -Kevin Whately
Walking is my main method of relaxation. I don't go over my lines or try to solve the world's problems, I just enjoy the scenery and the wildlife. -Kevin Whately
With your own children, you love them immediately - and with grandchildren, it's exactly the same. -Kevin Whately
Being in Oxford can be a bit like being on holiday - there's plenty of time spent in the pub. -Kevin Whately
My mum Mary was always a bright, confident and fiercely independent lady. -Kevin Whately
You can't converse with Alzheimer's sufferers in the way you do with others; the dialogue tends to go round in circles. -Kevin Whately
People think I'm thick because of the characters I play. I think I'm brighter than the characters. Well, I hope I am. -Kevin Whately
Being a grandparent is whole new phase in your life. -Kevin Whately
I'm not interested in more money for the sake of it. -Kevin Whately
I've been going to Bamburgh for holidays since I was a child. -Kevin Whately
My family have been around Northumberland for five generations. -Kevin Whately
I'm very good at being out of work. -Kevin Whately
It always staggers me when series don't use their sidekicks. -Kevin Whately
I'm not very relaxed; I always need to be doing something. -Kevin Whately
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