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I definitely wouldn't be the performer I am today if the gay audience had not been so supportive of me as a complete unknown. -Kiesza
You cannot go wrong by learning classical music because it trains the ear. -Kiesza
Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. -Kiesza
I believe that anyone can be what they want to be; it just comes down to hard work. -Kiesza
A lot of people preach and talk, but I think the only way to preach is to actually do things. -Kiesza
Life experience brings out different emotions and different perspectives on things. I just want to be constantly evolving. -Kiesza
When something really grabs me, I dive into it. -Kiesza
I tend to obsess over my passions. -Kiesza
The moment I wrote my first song, I got addicted. -Kiesza
In the Navy, the path is paved for you. Your job is to be a soldier and fit in. As long as you stick to your place, it's actually really easy. -Kiesza
I tend to sort of dive into things without worrying about risk or anything. Like, when I get an idea, I tend to just go for it and see what happens. -Kiesza
I love Canadians. I think we make an impact around the world just when people meet us, and whenever I meet another Canadian, I see it as well. -Kiesza
Oh man, the Vengaboys are my guilty pleasure. -Kiesza
It's hard to dance to really fast music. All you can do is pump your fist to it, and after a while, you're going to have a seizure. -Kiesza
You cannot teach a person how to write songs. It's about being your own person and following your instincts. -Kiesza
I was a very unpredictable child. I'd pack a bag and go off and do a hike in the mountains for 10 days. -Kiesza
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